Jack White Announces Two New Albums for 2022

'Fear of the Dawn' and 'Entering Heaven Alive' will arrive next year, and a video for "Taking Me Back" is out now

Photo: David James Swanson

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 10, 2021

Jack White has been teasing new material, and following the recent single "Taking Me Back," the rock polymath has announced two new albums.

The first of the two albums is Fear of the Dawn, which will arrive on April 8 through the artist's own Third Man Records. This album includes the electric version of "Taking Me Back," and A Tribe Called Quest rapper Q-Tip appears on the song "Hi-De-Ho." Several song titles refer to dawn or nightfall, including the title track, "Into the Twilight," "Dusk," "Morning, Noon and Night" and "Eosophobia." ("Eosophobia" refers to fear of dawn or daylight.)

A few months later, Entering Heaven Alive will follow on July 22. This album will include the acoustic "Gently" version of "Taking Me Back," which appeared on the B-side of the single.

See the tracklists and album covers for both records below. Also check out the video for "Taking Me Back," directed by White himself along with Lauren Dunn. Both albums are available to pre-order from Third Man's official online store.

Fear of the Dawn:

1. Taking Me Back
2. Fear of the Dawn
3. The White Raven
4. Hi-De-Ho (feat. Q-Tip)
5. Eosophobia
6. Into the Twilight
7. Dusk
8. What's the Trick?
9. That Was Then (This Is Now)
10. Eosophobia (Reprise)
11. Morning, Noon and Night
12. Shedding My Velvet

Entering Heaven Alive:

1. A Tip from You to Me
2. All Along the Way
3. Help Me Along
4. Love Is Selfish
5. I've Got You Surrounded (With My Love)
6. Queen of the Bees
7. A Tree on Fire from Within
8. If I Die Tomorrow
9. Please God, Don't Tell Anyone
10. A Madman from Manhattan
11. Taking Me Back (Gently)

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