Jack White Launches "Art & Design" Hub for His Visual Work

Jack White Launches 'Art & Design' Hub for His Visual Work
Photo: Olivia Jean
Jack White has always been known for his very distinctive branding, and now the Third Man Records boss has launched Jack White Art & Design, a hub for all his visual projects.

White has long been involved in design, having been an upholsterer before he was a professional musician. Over the years, he has created the striking visuals for Third Man Records and his old band the White Stripes.

The newly launched jackwhiteartanddesign.com notes that White is an "interdisciplinary artist, equally as conversant in sculpture and upholstery as he is in music and songwriting."

The website is divided into various mediums: industrial design, interior design, furniture and upholstery, graphic design, instruments and hardware, sculpture, vinyl concepts, film and directing, and photography.

As you can see from the photo above, the website also unveils White's new blue hairdo. (The website seems to be getting a lot of traffic today, since it has been going on and offline over the course of writing this story.)

Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records said this a statement:

To work with Jack White, to watch him work at anything…is to witness the mind of an artist as it explores and problem solves. In carpentry and interior design, being in Jack's presence during the ideation process, the hypotheticals and head tilting, can be both inspiring and maddening. There's no reason a building needs to have acoustical tiles, tin ceilings or shiny yellow floors. But that's not the point. The point is to make something beautiful. Any myrmidon can buy a building and start running a business selling chicken feet, but to take an empty space, to envision what you'd like it to look like, not just visually, but spatially, texturally, experientially, and design into that vision, making and taking the occasional left turns, keeping architects and contractors on their toes and folks like myself, who have to find the kind way to say "No Jack, I don't think a fog machine would be a good idea for the pressing plant."

And then to hear him explain it, with a viewing window, the public looking in, tight spotlights over each individual record press, calling the beauty and the cinematic quality he wants to highlight in this situation… most of the time I find myself saying "When you put it that way, it does sound pretty impressive."

Jack White's most recent album was 2018's Boarding House Reach. At that time, Exclaim! interviewed White for a cover story.