Jack White's Third Man Hardware Announces Discount-Priced Multi-Effects Pedal

The Triple Threat includes distortion, echo and phaser

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 25, 2024

Jack White is famously obsessed with the number three — so it follows that his music gear company, Third Man Hardware, has released a new pedal called the Triple Threat in partnership with Donner Music.

The pedal is a three-in-one effects unit, including distortion, echo and phaser modes. It's a notable direction for Third Man Hardware; while the company's gear is usually fairly expensive, Donner is a known for affordability. The limited yellow edition retails for $129 USD, while the standard black is just $99 USD and can be purchased through the Third Man webstore.

"It has been my hope for a while to make an affordable pedal for beginning musicians," White said a statement. "When I approached Donner, they knew what I was aiming for and we were able to make something very cool that was also not going to break the bank for a beginning musician."

He added, "All three effects: the distortion, phaser and echo are all heavy duty. I was very impressed with them the first time I plugged into the prototype version that Donner had sent. This set of effects is for all kinds of music, all genres. Maybe not opera though."

Third Man has also announced another unique piece of gear: the Fuzz-a-Tron, which is a DIY guitar pedal kit for beginners, allowing someone with little (or even no) soldering experience the opportunity to build their own fuzz pedal. It's available to pre-order for $75 and will ship April 30.

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