J Balvin Is Now Getting His Own McDonald's Meal

J Balvin Is Now Getting His Own McDonald's Meal
Following the viral success of the "Travis Scott Meal," McDonald's has announced plans for another celebrity-endorsed combo meal with the help of reggaeton artist J Balvin.

Simply called "The J Balvin," the meal itself centres on a Big Mac and includes an order of fries with ketchup plus an Oreo McFlurry.

Balvin — the first Latino artist to team up with the fast-food chain in this type of partnership — shared a sentimental story about his memories of eating at McDonald's growing up:

I grew up with McDonald's. I wasn't born in the States, but since I was a kid, I was eating McDonald's meals. When I had my very first chance to go to the States, it was like a dream to me, coming from Colombia to my first time having a McDonald's meal. It's those types of moments that connect with me as a child. And when they called me saying that they wanted to work with me, I immediately said yes because it connects with me and my childhood. I've always been a big fan. It's crazy to have your own meal. Basically, the meal that I have here is in this chain: a McFlurry, Big Mac with no pickles of course, medium fries, the ketchup, and tray. I just wanted to do something different with it. 

McDonald's chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley adeed, "He's always been a regular at McDonald's restaurants during his concert tours, and now we're excited to bring his go-to order to our menus across the U.S."

His meal is set to launch today, now that that the Travis Scott deal has ended. The meal will be offered at participating restaurants until November 1.

See the announcement below.