Isaac Vallentin "Stewardess" (video)

Isaac Vallentin 'Stewardess' (video)
A former member of Pony Girl, Isaac Vallentin is no stranger to the Ottawa music scene. The "electronic-ish" artist is releasing a new solo record titled Hedera next month, but before the album lands, Exclaim! has got the premiere of the new clip for "Stewardess."
In a statement about the song, which blends electronic production with intimate folk vibes, Vallentin explains that he wrote it while flying over the Atlantic. He says:
"Stewardess" is about the all-giving, selfless, nurturing energy inside of us, personified through some sort of mythical flight attendant deity. Almost all of us have that voice in our heads — the "good" voice — the battle is letting it out, and putting your trust in it. It's easy to let the "other" voice speak, the voice that is selfish or afraid.
Indecision is an argument between these two voices, and often it's hard to know which voice is actually correct. Their roles aren't clear, they are in a constant flux, and they make mistakes (because they are you, and you make mistakes). The video is an illustration of the relationship between the two voices, an argument in a moment of confusion.
The voices take the form of two female dancers in the video, and the struggling, combative voices are played out through the choreography. It's fairly minimalist, set in a white-walled room, though an inflatable couch, Pepto-Bismol and duct tape do serve as stage props in some of the more striking scenes.
Hedera will be released independently on June 26, but you can head over here to pre-order a copy right now. He'll be playing a couple shows in support of the new record, which you can see below. Scroll past the upcoming gigs to check out the video for "Stewardess."

Tour dates:

06/06 Montreal, QC - Quai des Brumes
07/03 Ottawa, ON - Saw Courtyard *

* with the Acorn