The Weeknd Is Releasing His New Album 'My Dear Melancholy' Tonight

The Weeknd Is Releasing His New Album 'My Dear Melancholy' Tonight
Though the Weeknd revealed details behind a new Marvel comic book earlier this month, he has been relatively silent when it comes to music of his own, having popped up on songs alongside Kendrick Lamar and Trouble as of late. However, some new material might be closer than we think.

A billboard appearing in Shoreditch, East London, points to the release of a new full-length from the Canadian pop icon titled My Dear Melancholy. Of course, the Weeknd has yet to officially announce any sort of follow-up to his 2016 LP Starboy, and an album called My Dear Melancholy has yet to appear on streaming services.

UPDATE (3/29, 1:30 p.m. EDT): The Weeknd has now confirmed the arrival of My Dear Melancholy, which will arrive tonight. That's its artwork up above. And while he doesn't specially say it's an album, the billboard clearly states that's what we are getting.

UPDATE (3/29, 11:30 p.m. EDT): You can now stream all of My Dear Melancholy, over here.



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The billboard, which can be seen below, surfaces after a week in which the vocalist born Abel Tesfaye has shared some clues hinting about an imminent arrival of new work.

On Tuesday (March 27), the artist uploaded a screenshot of a text message conversation between himself and creative director La Mar Taylor, asking him, "should we drop Friday? I'm indifferent to be honest."

While that conversation is certainly open to interpretation, it follows a video clip of grainy studio footage also posted to Instagram, bearing the caption "mastering." 

Earlier this week, a source told Billboard that the Weeknd's new material would see the artist "taking it back to his roots."

To go back even further, Travis Scott let some news slip about new material from the Weeknd at the start of the month on Twitter, writing that "Abel new album is scray [sic]. It's like when I first heard him for the first time. Fuckkkkkk !!!!!"

While we wait for any further details on My Dear Melancholy, find the trail of clues below.

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