Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes

If you’re familiar with Regina’s Into Eternity you know what to expect from them. However, new listeners may claim that Into Eternity are suffering from a bit of a heavy metal identity crisis. If you’ve never heard them before, be aware that this band have a wide range of sounds — especially when it comes to the vocals. Lead singer Stu Block can be heard letting loose snarls that would be a welcome fit in any European death metal band, but he also combines that with some really high falsettos that would make Bruce Dickinson blush. Once these lines kick in during the album opener some listeners may let out a bit of a chuckle as they seem to come out of nowhere. Although, if you’ve got an open mind you’ll find that The Scattering of Ashes is a damn decent album from start to finish — especially because Stu is actually an amazing singer, regardless of what style he’s exhibiting. Where the band shine the most is in lead guitarist Tim Roth’s great mix of melody with wrist-ravaging technical guitar lines (just check out the opening riff from "Out”). This band also put on one of the most energetic live performances around, as seen on Gigantour this autumn. (Century Media)