Into Eternity

The Incurable Tragedy

BY Bill WhishPublished Sep 3, 2008

Metal bands seem to enjoy throwing random words together to make cool-sounding titles (Dimmu Borgir are usually guilty of this). Into Eternity’s latest, The Incurable Tragedy, may appear to fall into this stereotype but the story behind this album’s creation justifies its title. Guitarist Tim Roth lost two best friends and his father to cancer within mere months. Instead of being consumed by grief, he channelled his emotions into a new album. The result isn’t a wimpy selection of ballads but a vicious slice of the extreme progressive style this Saskatchewan band are known for. Roth’s technical brilliance shines above all else, as the twisting harmonies whirl around the listener’s head atop the blistering percussion. Those unfamiliar with the band may be turned off by the falsetto vocals of Stu Block but those who swear by the band’s talent will quickly point out the difficulty of many of the passages on this, and past albums. The Incurable Tragedy is a fascinating listen but the band seem to have remained stagnant in their sound when compared to their last release, The Scattering of Ashes, in 2006.
(Century Media)

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