Infected Mushroom IM the Supervisor

Psy-trance is a style purpose-built for a specific situation — an outdoor day-glo fest that’s usually more pounding at ten a.m. than it was at midnight. At arm’s length from the rest of the dance scene, largely for ideological reasons, few psy-trance artists have crossed over from the subculture. But Israeli duo Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani have managed this feat — selling 150,000 albums and performing in front of a half-million people — by keeping tight with, but not too faithful to, the psy-trance blueprint, thus making tracks that make sense inside or outside a trance party. Their fifth album, IM the Supervisor, goes even further a field, with a ragga remix, a classical music breakdown, some over-the-top guitar solos and even electro-style robo-vocals shouting "run run run to the cities of the future take what we can and bring it back home.” Their music does indeed sound futuristic, albeit of the apocalyptic sort, and despite the expected cries of sell-out from the hardcore tranceheads, IM don’t scrimp on the psychedelic sounds, uplifting melodics or the stridently intense beats of these floor-tested tracks. (BNE)