In Flames Trigger

The release of Trigger falls just in time to stir up some fresh interest for In Flames before their June/July headlining tour of North America with Soilwork. In addition to the title track, the EP features two videos, a remix of "Cloud Connected” (courtesy of one ex-Misery Loves Co. member), a novelty Commodore 64 version of "Moonshield,” and two brand new recordings. The aptly-dubbed "Club Connected Remix” is just that, a very dance-friendly industrio-metal version of the album track. The decision to cover a Genesis song was potentially a good idea, but the In Flames-icised version "Land of Confusion” somehow manages to drain the song of everything that was cool about it in the first place. The newly-penned "Watch Them Feed” is the EP’s salvation, with its thrashy riffs and in-your-face energy. The videos are an added bonus, and the new video for "Trigger” includes a guest role for Soilwork, mocking rumours of rivalry between the two bands. Nothing mind-blowing here, but it’s not a bad way to market a single. (Nuclear Blast)