Immaculate Machine Fables

Immaculate Machine Fables
The title of this band’s second album is quite inspired, as each of the songs, along with the cute album art, have a magical quality. Sounding reinvigorated and fresh, this is an unbelievably melodic and memorable album that will have indie rock/pop fans bouncing around the room. Maybe it was all that time singer/keyboardist Kathryn Calder spent being Neko Case in the New Pornographers but there’s real electricity to this album. It’s literally crackling with melody! "Jarhand” is one killer single, which sees Calder’s vocals at their finest, and the band hitting the gas pedal both in tempo and attitude. The cute cameo from Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos and the Cribs adds to the fun. Tearing my finger away from the repeat button, this threesome also score on the surprisingly noisy, guitar-centric "Old Flame” and the breakneck "Nothing Ever Happens,” whose chorus of "Nothing ever happens in my town” is sure to be a call to arms for many frustrated music lovers. Fun, loose and getting better with every listen, Fables is the sound of a band finally growing into their skin and hitting all the right notes. How magical.

It sounds very spontaneous and live. Was that intentional?
Vocalist/guitarist Brooke Gallupe: That’s something we haven’t really done before and I think it’s what makes this album sound a lot more natural and I think it captures more of what we’re good at than our previous albums have. We did have a very organised schedule but I went and messed it all up by being displeased with the way that it was going with the producers in Vancouver, so we kind of didn’t really settle for whatever made the most sense.”

How did Alex Kapranos and the Cribs end up singing on "Jarhand”?
It was entirely random. I was trying to get this one tricky vocal take and I hear this stamping in the earphones and I’m like, "Oh, great,” since I was just about the get the perfect take. It was from a bunch of people clomping up the stairs and then in pops Narduwar, who’s giving a tour of the city to the Cribs and Franz Ferdinand since they were recording in the city. So, yeah, they owed us something for ruining my vocal take. I’m sure their contribution was way better than my take would have been anyways. I think it took a couple of glasses of whiskey. (Mint)