Iced Earth Alive in Athens

As one of the most successful American underground bands of the ’90s, Iced Earth has amassed a fervent fan base that spans the globe. The power metal band is probably even more well known in Europe than they are in North America, so it comes as little surprise that they chose a foreign destination to record their first live album. Recorded in front of more than 10,000 Greek metal fans, Alive In Athens is a strong testimony as to just how far Iced Earth has come in their ten-year career. Taking material from all of their six studio albums, Alive… shows just what a great live band Iced Earth has become and how with every album the band has shown a natural progression, both musically and from a songwriting perspective. The band is obviously on top of their game on Alive… and it is a real pleasure to listen to, beginning to end. (Century Media)