I Am Robot and Proud You Make Me This Happy

Joyous electronic tunes that are somewhat in the vein of Marumari and Solvent, in their more cheerful moments, only every tune on this CD is actually a remix of someone else's music. There are seven different reinterpretations of music by the Uberkids, Stella Maris and Printed Circuit. Since I have not heard the original versions, it is somewhat difficult to determine the extent of producer Shaw-Han Liem's influences. Although I have heard enough of Liem's music to know his stylistic thumbprint when I hear it, enough to say that You Make Me This Happy is the work of I Am Robot and Proud. "Unexpected Guest," by Stella Maris, "Deep Dive," by Heidi Hazelton and "Girls are Short," by Osaka, seem to be the best tracks because of the vocal contributions by the two singers, adding a more human element and thus making these pieces songs, rather than mere electronic tracks. You Make Me This Happy may well be one of the best recordings released on the Piehead label yet. (Pie Head)