I Am Robot and Proud The Electricity in Your House Wants To Sing

It’s difficult to place the sound of Shaw-Han Liem’s I Am Robot and Proud but it’s impossible not to lose one’s self in his majestic brand of atmospheric electro pop. The former Sea Snake has created the perfect metropolitan soundtrack with Electricity, whose bouncy rhythms and floating melodies slyly nest in one’s sub-conscience. The orchestral manoeuvres of the title track set a bubbling tone for "When I Get My Ears,” which features the incognito drumming of Evan Clarke (BRIAD, Jim Guthrie). Jeremy Strachan’s woodwinds are in great shape on "Save Your Neck, Save Your Brother,” and the record pogos delightfully on "Me vs. Heidi,” a collaboration between Liem and Heidi Hazelton. As a proud robot, Liem may not technically need friends but they do bolster his melodious bleeps and beats on this cerebral, gorgeous dose of contemporary electronica. (Darla)