HSY "Sally"

HSY 'Sally'
We've been wondering for some time about when HSY will release a new album, and while we're still in the dark about a possible full-length, the band have a new 7-inch coming out through Buzz Records on March 10. The A-side is called "Sally" and it can be heard now.

This is a ferocious noise rocker with distorted guitar chaos, hard-charging rhythms, and duo vocals split between ferocious screams and playful yelps.

Singer Jude told The Fader, "Sally is about a person I knew in high school. A girl who would skip class in order to get fucked up on whatever she could get her hands on. The lyrics are a literal narrative of our hangs: Sally wasn't here, she couldn't make it tonight, because she took too many percs and is now vomiting in the Dairy Queen bathroom. Basically, I wrote this song to memorialize those four years of getting fucked up with this girl at school, in the mall parking lot and on the beach."

Hear it below.