HSY "Sally" (video)

HSY 'Sally' (video)
Today (September 11) is release day for HSY, who issued their album Bask via Buzz Records. To celebrate the big day, the noisy Toronto band have shared a video for "Sally."

The visuals for this blistering noise rock song (which is about a self-destructive high school friend) capture the dark, unsettling mood of the music. In it, we see the band members performing their instruments outside in the snow and in dark garages while dramatically illuminated by harsh white light.

Director Joel Barnes said in a statement, "The video was shot primary outdoors at night during the coldest February in Toronto's recorded history. It takes it's inspiration from the Treacherous Three's 'Santa Rap' sequence from the 1984 film Beat Street, the idea of death metal videos, and absurdist Japanese cinema. No green screen was used in the making of this video."

Watch the clip below.