HSY Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON, June 19

HSY Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON, June 19
Photo: Shane Parent
Like their peers Odonis Odonis and Soupcans, local quartet HSY play a brand of stripped-down sludgy rock that brings to mind the heroes of the '80s American underground heroes like the Jesus Lizard, Dinosaur Jr. and even the first Nirvana record. As if to hammer home their point, their drummer plays without any cymbals.

The band's onstage mood seemed to mirror their music — bored, pissed off — but did nothing to blunt the energy of their playing. Guitarists Jude and Anna Mayberry split vocal duties, although their words were frequently buried under ten tonnes of thundering bass and guitar squalls. Their set ended with the breaching sounds of feedback, their start-stop playing evoking the last gasps of a dying man, once again hammering home what the audience already knew: the show is over.

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