Hope Conspiracy Endnote

Endnote is the first release the Hope Conspiracy has recorded since two of their founding members chose to leave earlier this year. The talents of guitarist Dan Zimmerman (formerly of Harvest) and drummer Adam Patterson were both present on the original demo recording, (now available in a remixed and re-mastered package from Boston's Bridge Nine Records) and on their first Equal Vision full-length, Cold Blue. Gone, along with these two members, are the melodic, nearly emo guitar riffs that made 2000's Cold Blue such a disappointment. Instead, the band has combined their original sound with elements of the faster bands coming out of Boston nowadays. Resembling American Nightmare, at times, and Suicide File (with whom the Hope Conspiracy share members with), at others, the 12 songs on this record are short, fast and pissed off. Endnote is a straight-up hardcore record, and it seems as if there haven't been enough of those lately. (Equal Vision)