Midnight Snack

BY Cosette SchulzPublished Sep 16, 2015

Peter Sagar serves up more slick, steamy songs with Midnight Snack, his follow up to last year's In The Shower. Over 12 smooth tracks, Sagar rides bass groove wobbles, sultry guitar strums and warm synths as he croons.
Like sneaking in a treat before bed, themes of simple pleasures rule here. Midnight Snack plays like a trip back to the woozy, lust-fuelled R&B of the '90s — think pre-controversy R Kelly — and even includes a little hummed break of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" on the synth-struck and loopy "Under The Sheets." These recordings are bare bones, just Sagar, a synth and a drum machine, and the easy-listening simplicity makes it all the more enjoyable. Standout track "Give It To Me" hits the spot perfectly, a balmy tune with a catchy refrain and guitar hook.
Mentions of goof god and former bandmate Mac DeMarco may be inevitable here (or annoying, depending on who you ask), but like Demarco, Sagar has released a record leans heavy on the theme of love and falsetto vocals and confronts vulnerability and longing, having been recorded after a worldwide tour with DeMarco in the dead of a lonely winter. To these ears, Midnight Snack is the stronger of the two.
The beautiful album artwork should also be noted here. Composed once again by Sagar's lady, Salina Ladha, it evokes the childhood classic Goodnight Moon (or an Oingo Boingo album cover), which ties in nicely with Sagar's nostalgia-tinged album.
If you take a before-bed shower, you're going to want a Midnight Snack. Don't feel guilty about it; go ahead, take a bite, then snuggle up and say goodnight.

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