Holy Fuck Team Up with Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor for New Song "Luxe"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Sep 13, 2019

At long last, Holy Fuck are returning with some new material. Today the long-running Canadian sonic explorers have shared the new track "Luxe," which marks the group's first music since 2017's Bird Brains EP.

Down below, you can stream "Luxe," both in its full six-minute-plus form and as an edit. The track also comes with a feature — Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor, who provides vocals on the track. The vocal track was even captured at Jack White's Third Man Studio in Nashville on his extremely rare 1947 Voice-O-Graph.

Hear "Luxe" below.

To give more insight into it all, Holy Fuck have shared the following statement about the song:

Among more literal translations, "Luxe" is the short form of Luxembourg — the city in which the nexus of the song was created. On this particular night, during soundcheck, we had a pulsing minimal synth loop we'd been tinkering around with. (We were listening to lots of TRAX Records stuff on that tour.) We decided that if the crowd demanded an encore we'd go for it. "Luxe" was the result. Or — as it was then called on the live recorded MP3 — "Luxembourg Encore." Once home from tour we took all the live demos back to the drawing board. We shared everything with our friend Kieran Hedben a.k.a. Four Tet. His always-intuitive advice was that he heard a great club track in his "very favourite thing here": "Luxembourg Encore."

The next moment of discovery came when Graham suggested the band scrap Brian's vocals and give it to Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip. When we presented Alexis with the concept our reference notes to him, based around Brian's temporary vocals, were "like an old sample you'd dig up off an old folk record... and approached more like a classic house track." He responded, "We could try to record the vocal in a Voice O Graph booth (an obsolete 1940s coin operated phonograph booth) if we can access one..." As far as we're aware, there are only two in the world — one in Liverpool (that apparently doesn't work anymore) and the other at Jack White's Third Man studio in Nashville. And that is where Alexis sang "I'd like to scrap all of this and start over again." Fittingly, it was New Year's Eve.

Holy Fuck are currently out on tour with Hot Chip. You can see their upcoming schedule here.

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