Holy Fuck Fort York, Toronto ON, June 4

Holy Fuck Fort York, Toronto ON, June 4
Photo: Shane Parent
Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt told Exclaim! last month that many of the initial ideas for their freshly released LP Congrats came from jamming in co-founder Graham Walsh's basement. Though their Field Trip stage had plenty of room to spread out, the band's set had both the look and feel of a jam session, with all four band members crowded in amongst each other towards the stage front.
Borcherdt and Walsh were at the helm creating the danceable cacophony in the early evening, each leaning in over tables and stands full of samplers and vocal processors, layering their own vocals amongst electronics, pushing their circuitry to the limit. A welcome third voice in the mix came with the arrival of Diana's Carmen Elle to lend her vocal talents to "Neon Dad."
As prominent as Borcherdt and Walsh were up front, it was impossible to ignore the rhythm section of bassist Matt McQuaid and drummer Matt Schulz, who plucked and hit their respective instruments with enough force to easily punch through their bandmates' electronic layering. Schulz locked into a groove late in the set while sporting a goofy grin on his face, getting laughs from his bandmates that only furthered the loose, joyous feeling all four exhibited on stage.