Holy Fuck

Bird Brains

BY Ian RodgersPublished Jul 21, 2017

Holy Fuck have consistently changed their sound and their lineup over the last ten or so years, moving from the bright and cheery sounds of Holy Fuck to last year's harsh and noisy Congrats. What remains, though, is the consistent, driving energy in their rhythm section and a deep commitment to exploring the riffs and melodies they experiment with.
Bird Brains is no different. The mood of the EP is glitchy and futuristic, and features four solid selections. The title track has a groove reminiscent of "Xed Eyes" off Congrats, with a dark twist to it, while "Chains," the longest song, has a bit of a Tron feel to it after a long build-up. "Raymond" strays from the rest of the EP's sound, going for something more atmospheric as a hi-hat provides some building tension. It also features saxophone, which will be interesting to hear explored further in later Holy Fuck releases. "New Dang" is a bona fide banger with a bright b-section.
Overall, Bird Brains showcases neat potential directions for Holy Fuck without sacrificing the quality of these individual tracks.
(Last Gang)

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