Himsa Courting Tragedy and Disaster

So we’ve all figured out classic Maiden-esque melodies are being resurrected with a vengeance and at that at least a few people are doing justice to the tradition. Throughout the frantic, thick melodies, Himsa, which means "causing hurt or harm,” is sonically united in the album’s professed theme of "pain.” It is a bolder, faster and more technically proficient product than their predecessors, taking the classic concept one step further. They also updated the in your face vocal to a barking, serving up the brie with power lyrics such as "forever young” and "live and let die.” They continuously blaze through countless solos, duelling harmonies, and those popular pummelling hammer-on riffs. They piece together parts really well, maintaining interest, as well as coherence, by using slight variations to add texture. They even give the bass player a brief chance in the spotlight. As it progresses, the music will drift from haunting whispers and a few simple notes, into a Slayer attack, followed by deadly plummeting tremolo riffs and topped off with a danceable chorus. The diversity and raw energy in the songs are thought provoking, making the album a pleasure to listen to repeatedly. (Prosthetic)