Hilotrons Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 22

Hilotrons Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 22
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
An eclectic musician and composer in his own right, Mike Dubue and his bandmates were successful in cementing Hilotrons as one of the more multifaceted acts that the festival had hosted up to this point. Backed by a handful of talented local musicians in keyboard player Adam Saikaley, guitarist Alex Moxon and a rhythm section of Phillippe Charbonneau and Pascal Delaquis, Dubue led the way through a set of material drawing from synth-pop, alt-rock and even reggae.

"Give it up for the machines," he exclaimed, while triggering a battery of interstellar sound effects and synth stabs on the wide array of keyboards and electronics before him. While some in the audience took to dancing along to the infectious tunes, others stood bewildered at the raw, otherworldly electro-pop on display. Such feelings generated by Dubue's music are only a fraction of what has made his work with Hilotrons recognizable both here at home and across the nation.

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