Hilotrons 'To Trip with Terpsichore' (album stream)

Hilotrons 'To Trip with Terpsichore' (album stream)
Experimental Ottawa outfit Hilotrons are set to release their latest LP To Trip with Terpsichore next week, but you can stream the whole thing in advance, right here on Exclaim.ca.
Band leader Mike Dubue describes the album as "live to tape — a dirty ritual — a raw diet… nothing slow." It was recorded and at Bova Lab Studio by the band's own drummer Philip Shaw Bova.
As promised by Dubue, the album is an energetic one from the get-go. Opener and lead single "Real Game Changer" brings the psychedelic funk, while the pace quickens on "Harbour Shark," delivering a frenetic, suspense-building warning of the title creature.

Jangling guitars and groovy synths take over on "Tackle the Strand," leading up to the glitchy penultimate cut "Animal, Master," which serves as a totally synthed-out counterpart to earlier number "Animal, I Love You." It finally closes out on "Posing in the Sun," showcasing simplicity with Dubue's voice joined only by a backing piano.
 To Trip with Terpsichore delivers a range of sounds and styles, but still manages to bring it all together in one neat 30-minute package. You can hear the results by streaming the album in its entirety below.
To Trip with Terpsichore officially arrives on February 24 via Label Records/Record Centre Records, when it will also be available as a free digital download here.