Hedley Frontman Jacob Hoggard Is Heading to Trial in 2021

He is facing of three sex-related charges

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 8, 2020

The sex assault trial against Hedley singer Jacob Hoggard had been previously scheduled to start in 2019, but the case was then held over until 2021 last fall. Now, a new date for the trial has finally been set — more than two years after he was arrested.

As the Canadian Press reports, Hoggard will head to trial on January 4, 2021, when he will face three sex-related charges. 

Hoggard, 35, was arrested in 2018 after multiple claims of sexual misconduct were levelled against him.

Three separate incidents allegedly occurred in the Toronto area in 2016, involving a woman and a girl under the age of 16. The names of the alleged victims have not been released and are protected under a publication ban.

In a two-day preliminary hearing, Hoggard pleaded not guilty and requested a trial by jury rather than a judge alone.

In the wake of the allegations against the singer, Hedley have since gone on indefinite hiatus

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