Hear the Week's Best New Canadian Music: Savannah Ré, Milk & Bone, Busty and the Bass, Tate McRae

BY Exclaim! StaffPublished Nov 17, 2023

The world we live in can be frighteningly destabilizing sometimes. Suddenly, Snoop Dogg isn't smoking weed anymore, and Drake can just randomly drop yet another album whenever he wants? It's all a little overwhelming! Thankfully, we have the week's best new Canadian music to ground us in what we still know to be true — and although these songs are predictably good, they're anything but predictable.

Savannah Ré starts us off this week with a collaboration with Mississauga's DJ Rosegold and American singer-songwriter Fana Hues, while Milk & Bone soundtrack Invincible: Atom Eve, and Tate McRae sends kisses to her exes on the latest preview of Think Later.

This week in album releases, Montreal funk-soul collective Busty and the Bass are back with Forever Never Cares. There are also new LPs from DijahSBRuby SinghAbigail Lapell and Joshua Van Tassel.

Elsewhere, Toronto's Glitter Party continue their jangly hot streak with "27," Shaina Hayes is looking to be your new favourite, and Major Love find major (live, laugh) love. The latest from Vancouver's Kylie V and Montreal's Born at Midnite both made Exclaim!'s Staff Picks this week, while Gulfer think they are finally "Clean."

Discover some jumpscare-free pleasant surprises with The Eh! List below, presented by Mary Brown's Chicken & Taters — all Canadian and proud of it!


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