Hear Miley Cyrus Rap About the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B Feud on New Song "Cattitude"

She's also apparently putting out a new release called 'She Is Coming' on Friday
Hear Miley Cyrus Rap About the Nicki Minaj/Cardi B Feud on New Song 'Cattitude'
Miley Cyrus debuted a trio of songs over the weekend at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend festival in the U.K., including a track that references one of rap's biggest beefs. What's more, it may be part of a fast-approaching new release called She Is Coming.
In a new song called "Cattitude," Cyrus addressed the bad blood between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, rapping: "I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi."

Watch footage of Cyrus' live debut of "Cattitude" below.
The pair famously came to blows last year after Cardi B allegedly threw a shoe at Minaj at a New York Fashion Week party; the former claims the latter made comments about her child, which Minaj firmly denied.

Minaj and Cyrus have had their own feud, too. Minaj called out Cyrus at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards after Cyrus criticized Minaj for pointing out the award show's lack of black female nominees. 
In 2017, Cyrus attempted to return to a "rootsy" sound with Younger Now, but said earlier this year that there would be more "hip-hop leaning records" on her next album.
It's an odd move by Cyrus, given her history of being accused of appropriating hip-hop culture — so, naturally, not everyone on Twitter thinks it's a good idea for her to be inserting herself into Minaj and Cardi's feud.

In addition to performing "Cattitude" this weekend, Cyrus also delivered the new songs "Mother's Daughter" and "Dream" — all of which may soon be collected on a new release called She Is Coming.

Full details have yet to be announced, but Cyrus shared the art for the new release featuring a photo of her in a cropped Sex Pistols shirt and a parental advisory warning, in addition to its Friday (May 31) release date. She also has launched a countdown clock on her website.
See her post below, as well as another teaser for She Is Coming.


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