Hear Lil B Freestyle About His Cat over Drake's "In My Feelings"

Hear Lil B Freestyle About His Cat over Drake's 'In My Feelings'
While plenty of people have been dancing to Drake's "In My Feelings" in online videos, the track inspired Lil B to get back in the booth and freestyle about his adopted tabby cat Keke.

You can hear Lil B express his love for Keke, the SPCA, and cats of all shapes and colours over a remake of the "In My Feelings" beat below, and can find the track's Creation of Adam-esque artwork above.

The track is advertised as a "BASED FREESTYLE ADOPTED CATS SPECIAL," marking the return of Lil B's often imitated, never duplicated state of mind behind the mic. 

Of course, the love between Lil B and Keke has never been in doubt. The feline first signed to Basedworld Records back in 2012, making her "the first animal in hip-hop." Keke also earned a feature credit on Lil B's "Hadouken" Based Freestyle, which appeared on his 2013 mixtape 05 Fuck Em.

Lil B recently announced a new mixtape titled Options, sharing cut "Money in My Spirit Ouu" ahead of time.