Hear Dan Auerbach's Previously Unreleased Solo Song "Every Chance I Get (I Want You In The Flesh)"

The Black Keys member's solo cut comes from a new blues anthology from his Easy Eye Sound

Photo: Larry Niehues

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 13, 2023

Continuing to celebrate the past, present and future of blues via his Easy Eye Sound label, Dan Auerbach has delivered a previously unreleased solo song from a forthcoming compilation.

Today, the vocalist-guitarist of the Black Keys has shared "Every Chance I Get (I Want You in the Flesh)," arriving alongside an animated video by Robert Schober (a.k.a. RoboShobo).

With its steadfast groove, the easy-riding "Every Chance I Get" joins a musical lineage of blues borrowing — beginning with Tommy Johnson's "Big Road Blues" (1928), Floyd Jones's Dark Road (1953), and Canned Heat's "On the Road Again" from 1967. Auerbach shares of that final entry, "I loved that song as a kid."

Schober's visuals, meanwhile, invite listeners into a black-and-white barroom populated by skeleton clientele, all in attendance for a bony burlesque show. The equally skeletal rats who have taken up residence in the place also have their mind on the dance — if they aren't racing their tiny rat motorcycles along the bar.

"Every Chance I Get (I Want You in the Flesh)" is due to appear on Tell Everybody!, exclusive, Auerbach-produced recordings from Easy Eye Sound arriving via the label August 11.

As you'll find with the tracklisting below, the compilation also includes songs from the Black Keys, RL Boyce, Gabe Carter, Nat Myers, Moonrisers, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes and more. Pre-order Tell Everybody!

In January, Auerbach and the Arcs released their first new album in eight years.

Tell Everybody! (21st Century Juke Joint Blues From Easy Eye Sound):

1. RL Boyce - "Coal Black Mattie"
2. Robert Finley - "Tell Everybody"
3. Moonrisers - "Tall Shadow"
4. Dan Auerbach - "Every Chance I Get (I Want You In The Flesh)"
5. Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - "Catfish Blues (Mono)"
6. Gabe Carter - "Anything You Need"
7. Nat Myers - "Willow Witchin'"
8. Leo Bud Welch - "Don't Let The Devil Ride (Mono)"
9. The Black Keys - "No Lovin'"
10. Glenn Schwartz - "Daughter Of Zion (feat. Joe Walsh)"
11. Gabe Carter - "Buffalo Road"
12. Glenn Schwartz - "Collinwood Fire"

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