Hawksley Workman Revisits 'Almost a Full Moon' for New Christmas LP

Hawksley Workman Revisits 'Almost a Full Moon' for New Christmas LP
In 2001, eclectic Canadian troubadour Hawksley Workman released the Christmas album Almost a Full Moon. Now, for that record's tenth anniversary, he is releasing a re-imagining of that disc called Full Moon Eleven, due out tomorrow (November 8) through Isadora Records.

The disc includes new versions of all eight songs from Almost a Full Moon, plus two more tracks: "This Will Be the Year" and "Coldest Night of the Year." There's no word as to whether the latter is a Bruce Cockburn cover, a Vashti Bunyan cover, or an original.

The album will come out in a two-CD set that includes both Full Moon Eleven and Almost a Full Moon. In a statement reflecting back on the original recording process, which took place a decade ago in Paris, Hawksley wrote, "In the next ten years an age of fear and darkness would be ushered in. Those songs were the last whiffs of a different time... A time when the flask of whiskey in my coat pocket would raise only a wink and a grin from airport security... A time that wasn't so held by heaviness and government sponsored fear."

Like the original album, these tracks were recorded in just three days. The songwriter tweeted that the new versions are "a little darker" and "a little quieter."

To order your double-disc copy, head over to Maple Music.

Full Moon Eleven:

1. "Claire Fontaine"
2. "Learn How to Knit"
3. "First Snow of the Year"
4. "Merry Christmas (I Love You)"
5. "Common Cold"
6. "Three Generations"
7. "A House or Maybe a Boat"
8. "Almost a Full Moon (Let's Make Some Soup)"
9. "This Will Be the Year"
10. "Coldest Night of the Year"