Havoc Hidden Files

Jadakiss's "Why" is the title of the most popular track produced by Havoc, one half of QB's infamous Mobb Deep. "Why?" is also the question that needs to be asked when referring to the producer/MC's most recent project, and second solo effort, Hidden Files. Why is this album not better than his first solo release, Kush? Why not wait until P comes out of the big house to drop another classic Mobb Deep album? From the predictable subject matter (guns, drugs, money, hoes) to the cheesy slink of "I Clap 'Em Up" and the god-awful club attempt that closes the album, "Tell Me More," featuring Sonyae Elise, Hidden Files just makes Mobb fans want to turn this off and cue up The Infamous. "You Treated Me," featuring Cassidy, and steel-drum-driven head nodder "On A Mission," featuring desperately missed partner in crime Prodigy, are two diamonds found in the rough. If this album had been released by your run-of-the-mill thug rapper it would be considered a reasonable effort. Unfortunately, due to his solid resume, Havoc should be held to a higher standard. It may not sound very hip-hop but Havoc without P, quite simply, is like macaroni without cheese. Or something like that. (E1)