The Haunted


BY Keith CarmanPublished Oct 22, 2008

Easily the Haunted’s most diverse, and therefore interesting, album to date, Versus finds these angry Swedes slightly sidestepping their typical Gothenburg-meets-thrash metal style in favour of something a touch more rudimentary and, surprisingly enough, aggressive. From the Slayer-esque attack of opening track "Moronic Colossus” through to the modestly progressive melodies and dynamic musicianship of "Pieces,” "Crusher” and "Iron Mask,” this affair is refreshingly unique without sacrificing the band’s inherent sound or style. Instead of a comfortable, albeit predictable, pair of old jeans, they strive to offer up something new that could prove to be just as appealing. Thankfully they succeed, due in part to the return of producer Tue Madsen, whose work with rEVOLVEr and the Dead Eye ensures familiarity via his trademark capturing of a crisp, gritty attack. Sometimes subtle gestures make for grand advancements. In the case of Versus, the Haunted have taken a bold step forward.
(Century Media)

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