Hate Eternal King Of All Kings

Hate Eternal's second album, King Of All Kings, has firmly placed them amongst the death metal elite. Erik Rutan (Alas/ex-Morbid Angel) has masterminded this band to the point where they can no longer be seen as a side project; he's outdoing his former band-mates at this point. This album offers forth all the manic grinding panic and technical Floridian death metal that diehard death metalers crave, delivered with excellent performances from all the players involved. Drummer Derek "One Take" Roddy gives a particularly impressive drum clinic here; those who know his work from Council Of The Fallen or Malevolent Creation will not be disappointed. Not unlike Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal conveys a deeper sense of meaning with their music, making it a complete experience, rather than merely a gore-ridden shock fest. Up there with the latest from Vader and Nile, and highly recommended. (Earache)