Hangout Handbook My Saskatoon

Hangout Handbook My Saskatoon
In our annual Hangout Handbook, Exclaim! asks some of our favourite artists to discuss the hidden gems in their hometowns. Here, Factor (a.k.a. Graham Murawsky) outlines his picks in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

What's your favourite coffee/daytime hangout?

If I am in the Broadway area it is Museo (730 Broadway Ave.), and if I am on 20th it is Collective Coffee (220 20th St. W). Both have amazing espresso and honestly the only things I order are espressos or Americanos. They both have great locations, employees and good vibes so picking one is a toss up.

What's your favourite breakfast/brunch spot?
For me it is Park Café (515 20th St W). They have great benny's and if you're goin' hard, they even make a deep-fried grilled cheese. Decorated with a bunch of cool old pictures of Saskatoon and lots of local people. Hangover cure for sure.

Where do you go for a fancy dinner?
The Hollows (334 Avenue C S), this place is my jam. This spot is a must visit when you're in Saskatoon. Great food and fancy cocktail menu. They have an awesome patio in the summer (the short time we actually have summer). Lots of local produce and they make pretty much everything themselves. I am vegetarian and they are very good at meeting people dietary needs like veggie poutine with miso gravy and kale. When I'm there it's two Moscow Mules please, let's get it poppin!

What's your favourite park?
Saskatoon definitely has its share of dope parks but my personal favourite is Buena Vista Park. It has pretty much everything you need in a park (basketball, mini pool, tree, grass, people, privacy, BBQ, jungle gym, etc).

Where's the best movie theatre?
Broadway Theatre! (715 Broadway Ave.) Best popcorn and movie selection. They get all the underground hits. The other major bonus to this theatre is they throw amazing live shows and events.

Where's your favourite stage?

Historically my favourite place to rock/attend shows in Saskatoon has got to be Amigos (632 10th St. E) — captain obvious I know. It is one of the best live venues in the country. Great sound, food and they do a great job of bringing in bands people want to see and once people play there from out of town, they always want to rock another show there on the next tour.

What's your favourite record store?

My favourite record store has to be Vinyl Diner (628B Broadway Ave.). I remember a long time ago when it was in a different location but still on the same street, I would go in there every time Stu got a new shipment of record just praying that he ordered some hip-hop. I got a lot of my early twelve-inches and LPs there that I would use to make mix tapes, do shows etc. The other thing I love about Vinyl Diner is they have a listening booth. When my beats used to be a lot more sample-based I would sit in there for hours diggin' through samples and trying to find the perfect mood for whatever I was working on! I think at one point I listened to every record in the place ha ha. Plus Stu usually has a dog or two hanging out in the shop. I also gotta shout out Vinyl Exchange (128 2nd Ave. N) — that place has some gems.

Factor (a.k.a. Graham Murawsky) is a hip-hop producer and founder of Side Road Records. His most recent album, Woke Up Alone, came out last year.