Handsome Furs "What About Us" (NSFW video)

Handsome Furs 'What About Us' (NSFW video)
With the naked woman that adorns their latest album Sound Kapital, it should be no surprise that Handsome Furs' video for the song "What About Us" is NSFW and chock full of nudity.

The cover art was actually taken from this video, which Scott Coffey directed. Speaking with Stereogum, he explained why he chose such a NSFW theme with the following statement:

I'm totally fascinated with this. Censorship seems especially arcane and absurd. We're surrounded by this constant orgy of commercial logos and draconian copyright laws, but a naked body is dirty and somehow threatening and offensive – that's obscene. We're a nation of prudes conversely walled in pornography. I wanted to make the diametric opposite of porn. What is that? Intimacy. I think. Real feeling. We live in a world where that seems transgressive now. That's really, ultimately, what this video and record is about to me. That's fucked. Let's fuck.

He also explained that the clip was shot in Portland, OR in the rain, adding "but that's good for nipple boners."

Check out the clip for "What About Us" below.

Handsome Furs - "What About Us" from stereogum on Vimeo.