Handbook Reminiscence

Handbook Reminiscence
The artist's description for Handbook's latest EP, Reminiscence, describes the EP as a "snapshot of a moment in time where I was truly happy and content," and everything about the EP reflects that with sincerity.
An earnest, carefree expression of positivity, Reminiscence is the perfect soundtrack for a world stepping into warmer weather with a hopeful look to the future. Tracks like "New Day" feel like waking up on a sunny morning knowing you have the whole day ahead of you.
Samples stutter and glide across the beats, and the contributions from Safe Travel and Heem complement Handbook's production well, making the collaborative tracks among the best on the EP. Handbook's production feels tender and unobtrusive, allowing the moods of the album's beats and samples to play out uninterrupted.
While it may be nothing groundbreaking in the genre, that doesn't stop Reminiscence from being a genuine, truly enjoyable listen that will more than likely make you smile one or twice. (Cascade)