Halifax's EVERYSEEKER Festival Goes Online for 2020 Edition

Halifax's EVERYSEEKER Festival Goes Online for 2020 Edition
In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Halifax's EVERYSEEKER music festival has announced plans to take this year's festivities online with EVERYSEEKER: Emergent Response.

The festival, which was originally scheduled to take place from June 18 to 21 in Halifax venues, will move online to the fest's website, as well as through social media streams taking place between May 15 to June 30.

EVERYSEEKER: Emergent Response is not being held "merely to digitally replicate [the] typical festival," but rather, to play host to a new kind of event programming.

Read EVERYSEEKER's organizers' statement below:

We understand that creative practices, along with day-to-day life, have been massively disrupted. The hope is that EVERYSEEKER can function as a focus point for new, emergent thinking, listening and sharing. The programme will include performances, photo essays, sound baths, video-fictions, cooking journals, tutorials, interviews, workshops, playlists, panel discussions and so much more! We'll be announcing participating artists in early May and rolling out programme details thereafter. The entirety of the festival will be free to all, hosted and posted through our social media and website.

As we continue to challenge and resist the musical and industry status quos, we're eager to put new sounds, voices and ideas on your radar.

Artists participating in the Emergent Response edition of the festival so far include Marisa Anderson, Saint Abdullah, JOYFULTALK, Claire Rousay, Girl Circles, Michael R. Denny, LXVNDR and Marwa Helal. The festival will announce its full artist lineup early next month.

Ticketholders are eligible for refunds or deferrals to 2021's festival. More information is available at EVERYSEEKER's website.