Half Moon Run Unveil New Song "How Come My Body"

Half Moon Run Unveil New Song 'How Come My Body'
Fresh off a Junos nom, Half Moon Run are back with a single "How Come My Body," which has been fit with its own music video.

The video was directed by Sacha Roy and aims to captured the chemistry of the group's live shows — hugs and all.

"This song treats the body as a foreign entity, disassociated from and observed by the mind," said the group's Devon Portielje in a statement. 

But while "How Come My Body" is a newly released song, it actually dates back to 2010, the band's Conner Molander explained.

"I remember feeling confused and uncomfortable as a 20 year old, and I find myself feeling sympathy for that younger version of myself now," he said. "I also feel sympathy and concern for people living through that metamorphosis between adolescence and adulthood in the modern world — perhaps some of you reading this now find yourselves in such a situation. Or perhaps some of you can think of loved ones that fit the description. Or maybe, like me, you can remember the days when you were struggling to come into your own. Well, we'd like to dedicate this song to all those people — wherever you may be."

Check out "How Come My Body" below via its video.

The other week, Half Moon Run were nominated for the Group of the Year Juno.