Gwar's Oderous Urungus Goes Toe-to-Toe with Pro Wrestler Tracy Smothers

Gwar's Oderous Urungus Goes Toe-to-Toe with Pro Wrestler Tracy Smothers
Once again, a crazy bit of news is coming from the camp of alien shock-rockers Gwar. Despite overcoming mechanical religious creeps, killer penguins, skull-headed beasts and overzealous grandmothers, front-thing Oderous Urungus is now facing his ultimate challenge: can he make wrestling still seem real.

Yes, folks, that rubberized beastie is going to face off in the squared circle against a pro wrestler. That opponent? Tracy Smothers, a man who has been through the wringer and back himself. Since starting in 1987 (around the same time as Gwar, actually), he's punched a clock with all of the major wrestling federations and continues to topple opponents in the independent world. And maybe that's the connection: some weird indie artist bond.

Says Oderous about the match, "I have no idea how I got roped into this one. I guess someone is making money off it. No matter! I will be there, with bells on, and this Tracy Smothers so-and-so is going to find out just what it's like to go toe-to-toe with an intergalactic god! I just hope he shaves his armpits first."

However, we assume Urungus is hoping to lose, given the event's tag line: Loser Leaves Earth.

The event goes down at Schoenbaum Amphitheater in Charleston, West Virginia - ostensibly the only time Gwar will appear in a venue that size - on June 24.

This obviously isn't Gwar's first tussle with a celebrity.