Gun Outfit

Dim Light

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 18, 2009

Hailing from Olympia, WA, lo-fi three-piece Gun Outfit have some good people on their side, particularly Dean Spunt, the drummer for No Age, who had them signed to his taste-making Post Present Medium label. But that's not to say they don't deserve it. Packing a whole lot of heart into their fuzzy, lo-fi jangle, the band combine the better parts of the grunge era with their infectious indie rock anthems. Opener "Work Experience" is a slow-burning jam that segues nicely into the slightly faster "Troubles Like Mine" and the standout shuffle of "Guilt and Regret." Meanwhile, "The Valley" is softer and melancholic, proving to be the best backdrop for Dylan Sharp's low vocals, which can often be too timid. Still, Gun Outfit's strengths lie in their duelling guitars, and Dim Light has enough great riffs to stay interesting for many listens.
(Post Present Medium)

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