Grimes Encourages Canadians to Get Out There and Vote

Grimes Encourages Canadians to Get Out There and Vote
With the Canadian federal election coming up on October 19, voters across the country are thinking hard about how they'll cast their ballot. In case you're undecided, Vancouver-bred electronic music maker Grimes has filmed a public service announcement on the topic of voter registration, which also calls for citizens to employ a bit of strategy in an effort to topple the current Conservative majority government.

Earlier this week, Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) spoke with Vice to raise awareness about the election, discussing how to get younger voters to polling stations. She also spoke about a general worldwide misunderstanding of Canadian politics.

"People are surprised when I tell them that Canada isn't an environmentally friendly utopia where everyone is treated equally," Boucher said, adding, "I'm happy about the New York Times and the Guardian and other outlets who have been shining a spotlight on important issues like Canada's tar sands, the massive environmental destruction, and corruption within the Harper government and the treatment of Canada's poor."

Now, via her Tumblr, she's uploaded a video encouraging anyone and everyone who is eligible to vote to register, if they haven't already. She added a note that suggests strategically voting in you riding, so as to not split the vote. You'll find her message in full down below.

You can find out more about voter registration over here, via Elections Canada.

ok this is the worst most embarrassing video ever but i was really tired and trying to read off a cue card, but I'm blind. anyway, voter registration for Canadians ends really soon! It's so important that everyone vote in the upcoming election. Harper threatens poor canadians, arts funding, refuses to look into the missing and murdered indigenous women and seems to have a deep allegiance to the oil industry (among a million other things). I know a lot of you don't believe in democracy or voting, but so much of what we hold dear as Canadians is under threat.

An important part of voting this time is voting strategically, since the Liberals and NDP are splitting the vote. unfortunately, conservative government can win without a majority because the other parties split the vote. If you live in one of the ridings below, you can follow this chart to vote strategically in order to kick out conservative gov! i hope this is helpful and not too confusing, and i apologize again to non- Canadians who I am accidentally bombarding with election info. much love! xxxxx