Grimes Says Calendar Should Be Reset, 2023 Becomes Year Zero

It will "improve morale"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 14, 2024

Former synthpop great and current terminally online shitposter Grimes has another bright idea for humanity: it's time to reset the calendar.

Grimes shared this theory, as usual, via the social media platform owned by her former romantic partner and current legal opponent Elon Musk.

Her post said something or other about Pi Day (May 14) and "the acceleration," as the suggested switching from the Gregorian calendar to something called "The Light Ages." This will apparently "improve morale."

"The Light Ages" is a quote from Grimes's infamous AI bot. The real Grimes called the phrase "an original grimes coinage," although that's not strictly true, since The Light Ages is the name of a 2020 book about medieval science by Seb Falk. The slogan for Grimes's Elf Tech AI vocal generator is "Welcome to the Light Ages."

Meanwhile, the wait for Grimes's next album, BOOK 1, continues. It's unclear if music is currently a side-quest for her primary focus these days, which seems to be trolling people on social media.

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