Charly Bliss Announce New Album 'FOREVER'

Listen to lead single "Nineteen"

Published May 1, 2024

After being Young Enough from 2019 until now, Charly Bliss are ready for FOREVER, their new album that's due out on August 16 on Lucky Number Music

Produced by Jake Luppen (Hippo Campus) and Caleb Wright (Samia) along with the band's Sam Hendricks, the group's third full-length outing is said to find them doubling down on their power pop sound with the sole mission that the record "has to be fun."

Thankfully for the group formed by Eva Hendricks, Sam Hendricks, Spencer Fox and Dan Shure, "Fun is our natural state," according to Fox. "No one has more fun than us and no one loves each other more than us."

Today, Charly Bliss preview the record with its lead single "Nineteen," which arrives alongside a video directed by Henry Kaplan.

Bandleader Eva Hendricks shared of the track, "I'll always be fascinated by love and relationships that don't quite work and bring tsunamis of heartbreak. The further away I am from it, the kind of love that bashes you against the rocks just as often as it carries you over waves of manic joy, the easier it is to see the full scope of it. First love is crazy."

Check that out below, where you can also see the album's tracklist.


1. Tragic
2. Calling You Out
3. Back There Now
4. Nineteen
5. In Your Bed
6. I'm Not Dead
7. How Do You Do It
8. I Don't Know Anything
9. Here Comes The Darkness
10. Waiting for You
11. Easy to Love You
12. Last First Kiss

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