Green Day "Bang Bang" (video)

Green Day 'Bang Bang' (video)
While, sure, it's flattering to have a mask made of your likeness, there's some problems that come along with being rubberized, too. Just take Green Day, who had to go to the trouble of making a music video for their Revolution Radio single "Bang Bang," just so they could have an alibi against those recent news reports that they robbed a bank. Or, at least, that's the premise of the clip.

Directed by Rancid founder Tim Armstrong, the video first finds the faux Green Day busting into a bank with guns in the air, likely shaking Dookie out of employees tasked with filling sacks with ill-gotten green. Somewhere on the other side of town, the real-deal punkers are playing a compact house show. Eventually, the narratives intersect, leading everyone to have the, uh, time of their lives.

You'll find the clip, which also includes a cameo from the bearded director, down below, while Revolution Radio arrives October 7 via Reprise.