Green Carnation Acoustic Verses

An early follow-up to last year’s The Quiet Offspring, Acoustic Verses explores the softer side of Green Carnation. Similar to Opeth’s Damnation in some respects, Acoustic Verses covers more ground, perhaps in part because of the number of songwriters involved, but the album’s stylistic experimentation is very much in line with the Green Carnation’s proven pattern. Labelling the record "acoustic” is a bit misleading — "semi-unplugged” might be more appropriate, if more awkward — as each song unfolds with varying combinations of keys, strings, and other layers of instrumentation accompanying the more straightforward acoustic guitars and vocals. Sustaining a foreboding atmosphere that makes its way into every Green Carnation release, this latest work shifts restlessly through a range of sentiments, from sombre to intoxicating, intertwining influences that include folk, prog, psychedelia and even country. Acoustic Verses adheres to the essence of Green Carnation but extends the band’s range a step or two further and all the while maintains enough distinct substance to stand effectively on its own. (The End)