Great Lake Swimmers "The Great Exhale" (video)

Great Lake Swimmers 'The Great Exhale' (video)
Great Lake Swimmers released their most recent album, New Wild Everywhere, back in the spring via Nettwerk Records, and now the Toronto folk group have shared the latest video from the LP. This clip is for the moody, nocturnal ballad "The Great Exhale."

Parts of this grainy, retro-chic video look as if they could have been filmed the better part of a century ago, although the nifty editing means that it's still distinctly modern.

The band members play their instruments while the camera flickers and shows an assortment of back alleys, buildings and graffiti. This all in turn complements the track's low-key atmosphere well. Check it out for yourself below.

Great Lake Swimmers have several European tour dates lined up, and you can see those all here.