Great Lake Swimmers

'New Wild Everywhere' (album stream)

> > Mar 26 2012

Great Lake Swimmers - 'New Wild Everywhere' (album stream)
By Sarah MurphyFans of Toronto-based indie folksters Great Lake Swimmers have been waiting a while for the follow-up to 2009's Lost Channels, but you can finally listen to the new record New Wild Everywhere right now before it drops April 3 via Nettwerk.

As previously reported, the new LP "thematically picks up where the previous album left off, exploring transcendence in the natural world to describe the universal themes of love, mortality and escape." Nevertheless, New Wild Everywhere marked a departure from the band's adventurous recording process, choosing instead to record in a normal studio.

As frontman Tony Dekker explained in a statement, "We were able to focus completely on the songs, rather than the logistical obstacles of waiting for the boat to dock, or the rain to stop."

We've already heard a bit of the new material in the form of lead single "Easy Come Easy Go," the album's closing track "Les Champs de Progeniture" and an in-studio version of the title track. But now you can have your first listen to New Wild Everywhere below.

Great Lake Swimmers also have several tour dates coming up, including stops in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. You can see all the dates over here.

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