Granada Let That Weight Slide off Your Shoulders

It’s the simplicity of lullabies that ensures they cannot only be easily remembered, but that they stick with you for the rest of your life. Granada’s album has melodies that hold you with its hypnotic and often muted-tones of guitar, piano and organ. The instruments blend with the delicate and airy voices of singers Anna Jarvinen and Magnus Vikstrom. This album emulates a quiet embrace. The Swedish group has had little exposure outside of the UK, but the band truly began to take shape when Jarvinen started to sing along with Vikstrom, discovering that their voices were so well suited for each other. Let That Weight Slide off Your Shoulders is Granada’s fourth full-length release. To this point, they have been a band that has gone unnoticed due to their soft demeanour, but the gentle instrumentation and weaving vocals has the ability to permeate any listener. (Look Left)