Gotan Project La Revancha del Tango Live

Take gritty, black-and-white, '40s-era tango films, intersperse them with rainy night Buenos Aires street scenes, fill the air with the melancholic lover's cry of the bandelone (a Spanish accordion) and you have the Gotan Project live experience. Although electronica-meets-tango might not have you running for your fishnet stockings or darkest suit, the band does a classy job of breathing new air into an album that is now four years old. The DVD is taken from a full concert and nicely highlights the live instrumentation, such as piano, guitar, and the seductive voice of a Latin chanteuse, keeping true to the soul of tango over the more beat-focused album. A couple of short studio sessions and on tour extras are mostly filler but will keep fans happy until their new album drops in May. (Beggars Banquet)